Potty training your puppy

By: Only Pets   06-Mar-2011
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Pups are not born knowing where to do there business. Its owners responsibility to tell the pup carpet is not the place to relive himself and grass is. It can be done in the following easy to follow steps

Kepp an eye on your pup his behaviour will change when he wants to relevie himself. If you can detect the warning signs stop and take him  to the spot where u want him to relive himself.

Spending more time outdoor with ur  pup is another way of making him feel comfortable outside his house and also a great idea to introduce him to outdoor stuff like grass dirt.  

Taking him outside every time after his feeding, playing and sleeping for 15 to 20 min will eliminate any accidents happening inside the house.  When taking him out take in right the spot u want him to do his business, do not leave until he has done it.

Using a crate or a small room for him to sleep in the night, All dogs are clean and don't like to spoil there own house. As a pup they have week bladder so in the middle of night if the pup cries take him out so he can relieve himself 

Take the pup out first thing in the morning and straight out so no accidents inside the house. Give him a treat and lots of praises every time he does it in a spot u want him to do.

Consistency is the key keep on following ur routine and the pup will follow you.

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Keywords: Pet Care Services