By: TXTR-LITE  28-Nov-2011
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 Flexible Natural Stone Laminate from TXTR-LITE
TXTR-LITE is an innovative stone veneer manufactured by a special weight saving technology that uses only the stone’s first layer. This special stone laminate can be bent and sliced using tin snips, due to its very thin nature. These natural flexible stone veneer sheets are great for DIY stone cladding applications inside or outside, with minimal skill or tools required. TXTR-LITE Flexible slates are so revolutionary that they can be wrapped around columns, adhered to ceilings... imagine looking up to see stone instead of only being able look down at stone flooring.  TXTR-LITE is available in more than 10 natural stone colours. It is produced by bonding the first layer of a natural stone slab to a polyester/ fiberglass resin substrate. It offers the desired stone texture and finish, while eliminating the logistics, processing expenditures and weight of solid stone. TXTR-LITE is currently utilises in numerous exterior and interior applications where other wall coverings and thin laminate products can be used. The materials high flexibility and strength are a result of fiberglass strands. It is impermeable to water once adhered. It can be deployed straight away over existing tiles during shower installation, removing the requirements of demolition or shifting plumbing fixtures. The edges and any joints can be finished, grouted or trimmed after two hours of the TXTR-LITE Adhesive being applied. Long nosed tin snips can be used for cutting curves and straight lines. A table saw with carbide blade, wet saw and metal shear can also be used for cutting TXTR-LITE flexible stone. TXTR-LITE can also be utilised to form a tiled effect by making a grout joint among cut pieces. If smaller seam is required, then butt joints can be used between the slate panels. As per the test results, water based acrylic and epoxy premixed grout work is ideal to seal between the TXTR-LITE stone laminates.

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Flexible Sandstone Cladding, Flexible Sandstone Veneer Wall Sheets

FLexible Sandstone Cladding , Flexible Sandstone wall veneer, 3 m2 sheets for internal and external wall applications..... designer stone walls, stone features, stone facades, sandstone wall covings, sandstone wall surfacing. Lightweight and easy to install with minimal skills and minimal tools required,,,,, DIY Sandstone Wall Cladding, Sandstone wallpaper, stone wallpaper, So Flexible it comes in rolls 1 mm - 3mm thin sandstone sheets ( approx. 3 m2 Sheet Size)


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TXTR-LITE Natural Thin Stone Veneers

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TXTR-LITE flexible stone veneer

TXTR-LITE is a unique flexible natural Stone veneer, with unlimited application possibilities.

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  TXTR-LITE™   is a lightweight, flexible, colorful and unique stone veneer with unlimited application possibilities.