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By: POLACO ®™ Craftsmanship Floors  16-Jun-2011
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   Caring For Your Coated Floor Floor Finishes enhance the aesthetics of wood and cork floors, as well as Provide extra durability against wear & tear for a surface with exceptional durability already. To maximize the benefits from floor finishes, awareness of basic care And maintenance advice will prolong the surface quality and lead to years of satisfaction. Floor Coatings are highly abrasion resistant durable floor finishes that are basically maintenance free and only require cleaning on a regular basis.  
The Newly Coated Floor ·        
48 hours after the last coat has been applied onto the floor, the floors can generally be walked on in socks. An imprint will indicate a need to wait a while longer before walking on, the Floor. ·        
Wait at least 3 to 5 days before walking on the floor with street shoes, And wait at least 7 days if an oil based finish was used. ·        
Furniture can be safely placed back onto the floor 7days after the initial 48hours drying time.  In winter it is recommended that you wait slightly longer                   
 The warmer the weather, the faster the coating cure. Conversely, the colder the weather, the longer the coating will take to cure. ·        
Extreme care should be taken in moving furniture over the floor for the first few weeks so as to avoid surface damage. Table and chair legs must have protective pads or felt base cups securely in place as a permanent practice. ·        
Vacuuming and sweeping of the floor can be started during the furniture stage ·         And wet moping of the floor can follow a week later (approx.14 days after last coat) ·        
Use only the appropriate timber ONLY cleaning mops (NO conventional mops) ·        
Wet under COLD water ONLY and squeeze the mop to achieve damp mop, NO ACCESS WATER ALLOWED ON FLOOR.  Please refrain from using supermarket cleaning agents for your floor.  To safely clean & disinfect  your floor you can always use cold water and PinoClean, heavily dilute (RATIO-  Water 4 : PinoClean 1)     To Maintain the Surface Quality ·        
Dust Mop Regularly An anti-static mop is the preferred choice, a vacuum cleaner with a bristle head may be used, but ensure it cannot scratch the surface ·       
  Clean Regularly ·        
Lift rather than drag furnishings. ·        
Wipe up spills immediately. ·        
Do not use strong chemicals or abrasive floor cleaners. Do not use methylated spirits. ·         Footwear borne grit is an abrasive and acts like sandpaper on a clear coating so contact with the floor should be minimised. Entry hall mats that are cleaned and replaced at regular intervals will prolong the life and quality of the floor surface. ·        
Clip dog nails because they can damage and scratch the surface.

Keywords: Hardwood Flooring

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