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By: Steaze Magazine  09-Dec-2011
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Finally, a parking place! I hear excited commentators yelling on the loudspeakers, a crowd of thousands cheering and Atlantic rollers crashing onto the beach. Car in place (sort of), I hurry across the dunes to the beach, to the Quiksilver Pro France 2011 surf contest.     This is the last day of the 10th..

Drift is set to be one of Australia’s next landmark film featuring local boy Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans & his best screen play would have to be his role in Australia’s TV Series Water Rats). Drift follows the story of two brothers from the 70’s who set up a local surfboard business..

There are some amazing places around the world, so once you’ve ticked off the Top 5 Countries for Hot Chicks, make sure you get to some of these places. As a well traveled and cultured person I’ve obviously been to all of these places, no biggie. And as a result of my extensive world travels..

As we all know, Qatar bribed FIFA with millions of dollars and stole the World Cup from Australia. That’s a given. Hosting the world’s biggest sporting event in a sweaty desert in the middle of no where is clearly stupid, but luckily someone at FIFA has pocketed a shitload of cash to let this one..

Berlin is a city which has evolved from incredible circumstances into arguably one of the world’s coolest cities. It is as though someone has put the coolest shit on earth into one big urban melting pot. Its abundance of fascinating history, intense party scene and array of some of the world’s best street-art scarring its..

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas The Atlantis is a playground for the elite. With a reputation as the best casino in the world this place goes to extraordinary lengths to impress. With a location like the Bahamas in the Caribbean this casinos guests have really gone out of their way to be pampered in the luxury this..

When you think of Miami, most people think of girls in bikinis rollerblading next to South Beach, expensive cars, too much money and a crazy nightlife with some of the world’s best clubs, and that’s exactly what it’s like. Great weather all year round and some nice beaches and golf courses makes it a great..

The famous P12 pool party nightclub in Florianopolis, one of Brazil’s most affluent and glamorous cities, attracts a crowd of stylish and cashed up Brazilians and foreigners ready to party. This was easily the best club I’ve ever been to, with an incredible setup of pools, couches, day beds, spas, bars, dance floors and more..

This island located 2 hours by ferry off the coast of Salvador in northern Brazil is home of Ressaca, the carnaval hangover party. If looking for a place to sleep off your hangover and catch up on some rest on the beach after carnaval then this isn’t the place for you. Morro de Sao Paulo..

Everyone loves burgers. Juicy beef, lamb, chicken or tofu in some tragic cases, entombed in two sides of sweet, lightly toasted bread and adorned with any accompaniment imaginable. No one can deny the attraction. But there comes a point where the strength of this love affair has to end, a place where it shouldn’t be..

Possibly the biggest festival in the world, Brazil´s Carnaval 2011 has just wrapped up and it was massive. Salvador´s carnaval is different to the main Rio de Janeiro carnaval, with more of a local vibe and more interaction with the festival. Starting on March 3 and finishing on March 8, the six huge nights of..

For any traveler that finds themselves in the south of India the ancient town of Hampi in northern Karnataka is a must-see. Hampi is home to the former Vijayanagara Empire and its ruined monuments that they left behind are World Heritage listed. Unsurprisingly, that listing brings hordes of backpackers and lesbian couples (who are as..

There are always two perceptions of India depending on whom you’ve spoken to and where they’ve been. There’s the spiritual north – and just about the rest of India – which you’ve heard about from your once-normal, private school educated, university drop-out mate who now commit their every waking hour to pontificating on the impurity..

With a reputation as one of the best party cities in the world, Buenos Aires has a lot of pressure to impress. And impress it does. It has the most intense nightlife of any city I’ve visited, with every night easily cranking until sunrise with the clubs packed. The women are some of the hottest..

This epic year-round break has come from the hard work of engineer Josema Odriozola and sports economist Karin Frisch. When work first started in 2005 they set out to make a world-class break that all could enjoy with out relying on the ocean. Set up in San Sebastian, Spain, this engineering masterpiece allows surfers to..

Keywords: Screen Play

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The East Coast of Australia will be greeted by the emergence of a new festival this November called Harvest – A Civilised Gathering, a creation of the Soundwave Festival Team. Melbourne is about to launch another indie electronic/rock band THNKR into its music scene and Steaze Magazine has been fortunate enough to proudly support their launch.


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The good old long weekend celebrating the Queen’s 129th birthday was, as usual, a great time for celebration, and no better way to get the party started than with some big nights at Prince Bandroom, culminated with a late Saturday night set from Aussie DJs Bag Raiders.


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SLR Mount for iPhone This may look ridiculous and you’ll probably feel like a bit of a twat with a lense like this on the front of your iPhone, but for all those who like a high quality photo on the go, the Photojojo iPhone 4 SLR Mount will sort you out. The East Coast of Australia will be greeted by the emergence of a new festival this November called Harvest – A Civilised Gathering, a creation of the Soundwave Festival Team.