When knowledge meets the sharing economy

By: Platoker  27-Apr-2016
Keywords: Teacher, Professional, Mentoring

The Rise of knowledge-sharing platform Platoker.com in Australia means people living there can now make money from almost any area in which they are an 'expert'. Have a skill, want to monetise it and help others in Australia? See how people on platoker.com are doing it. Residents in Australia who want to learn about brewing beer, investing in stocks or innumerable other topics can now do so cheaply courtesy of knowledge-sharing platform pioneer Platoker.com. Melbourne-based Platoker.com connects learners with experienced professionals via its website promoting more experiences & insights exchange, vastly improving the efficiency of learning across all sectors of the economy. Users can search for and find experts & mentors to teach them anything from interview preparation to business dressing etiquette to learning a foreign language on the platform, for a small gratuity, such gratuities range from $20-$50 per 1-1.5 hour session. The experts & mentors on Platoker.com provide academic, professional or general life advice and opinions to users who book an appointment and meet them off-line. As society advances, the modern job market increasingly require multi-skilled workers who not only are competent in their professions, but also possess other skills and knowledge to certain degrees. This places high demand for fast, effective, continuous, and cross-discipline learning, something that’s time-consuming, expensive and usually ineffective if you don’t know where to start, when to start and how to start. The emergence of the sharing economy changes all that. Anyone with competency and experiences in any field can potentially be a Platoker mentor, and sharing his or her insights with would-be learners in informal off-line meetings. For a large number of people with professional skills who want more freedom, they can create a second job on top of their day jobs, to make money off the value of their knowledge, Platoker.com is the platform for them to do just that. On the other side, for millions of young people who want to add to their skillsets to advance their careers, learning those skillsets in the smart way makes a huge difference – learn hard, and learn smart. The best way to learn it smart is to have an experienced person, who already possess the skills and knowledge, to share with you how, where and what. Such a person can be found on Platoker.com. Being guided in the very beginning makes any endeavour much more likely to succeed. After all, intellectual capital, is the foundation of all successful endeavours.

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