Whether you want medals or not, change your fitness, mind, health and life for the better here...

Whether you want medals or not, change your fitness, mind, health and life for the better here... from juggernautPT

By: juggernautPT  29-Sep-2012
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Hey Folks, Gary Wagner here:)

So the scope for this section is for me to tell you about my best work... Look what can I tell you, except that myself and the team find out what it is you want to achieve then we work to not only get you there but past it. 

Doing so opens up a whole new realm of opportunities in the world around you. Personally I have trained the widest range of people, all of which I consider my best work and goes far beyond what I can effectively list here. So here is a 'highlights'  reel if you like. These are not individual people but an amalgamation of everyone I have trained in a profession I truly love.

People who have not exercised in years to success in international athletic events, Helped those who were gained success in their professional lives at the expense of their health reclaim their bodies.

Added muscle to those who never had it and trimmed down those who have always battled with their weight and exercise.

Helped those already athletic people perform at even higher levels as well as those who have suffered injury or disease move past what they may have thought limited them.

There are too many examples for me too list, simply because I am so proud of every single person's life who I've touched, influenced and changed in some way. So what are you waiting for, there'll never be a more perfect time to start then now. So join the juggernauts and let's get started!

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