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By: Sustain Health Clinic  16-Nov-2011
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Massage is one of the oldest healingdisciplines. It can help boost immunity, reduce stress, stimulatedetoxification and improve adrenal function.

Our massage therapists specialise in four types of therapeutic massage:

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing therapy involving theapplication of body weight through the fingers, forearms and feet, to applypressure to special points on the body. This is combined with joint rotations,joint manipulation and stretches to treat the patient holistically.

Shiatsu therapy can promote the prevention andrecovery of illness by stimulating the immune system and the body’s naturalhealing power. Common conditions that are alleviated with the use of shiatsuinclude back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, joint pain, reduced mobility,digestive problems, depression and stress.

Fertility Massage helps to prepare the body for pregnancy,whether you are having IVF treatment or trying to improve your health beforeconception. The technique improves circulation and increases blood flow to thereproductive organs. It also helps stimulate the body’s natural hormones,improving your chances of conception. Fertility massage aids relaxation andhelps the body deal with stress, a leading cause of infertility. It can alsohelp treat a number of gynaecological issues that contribute to infertilitysuch as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and endometriosis. Fertility massagecan be combined with other forms of TCM for optimum results.

Chinese Remedial Massage (Tui Na) is a TCM practice that has been used totreat a variety of ailments for more than 2000 years. It involves brushing,kneading, pressing and rubbing the areas between each of the joints, known asthe eight gates, to open the body’s qi and get the energy moving in both themeridians and the muscles. Instead of providing more general treatment for thebody, Tui Na focuses on treating a specific problem. The practitioner usesmassage and acupressure to treat a range of conditions including back pain andchronic stress-related disorders of the digestive, respiratory, andreproductive systems.

Remedial Massage is a therapeutic massage that helpsrestore health to injured muscles and tissues, including tendons and ligaments.Your massage therapist may use one or a number of different types of massage torelieve your symptoms, including deep tissue or sports massage. Remedial massage is often used to treatsports injuries and posture-related injuries including muscular tightness,sprains, stiffness, lactic acid build-up, back pain and headaches. The style ofmassage is quick and vigorous with deep penetrating stroke work, aimed atrestoring the soft tissue of the body to its optimal state. It may be combinedwith other forms of therapy including physiotherapy and exercises like tai chiand oi gong.

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