By: Mr Bingle  27-Apr-2016
Keywords: Automobile Repair, Smash Repairs, Automotive Repair

PANEL BEATING AND SPRAY PAINTING REPAIRS We specialise in panel beating and spray painting repairs. Precision panel beating is important, as a great paint job is only possible when the body repairs have been done perfectly. Our service can handle most types of panel work such as accidental damage, dent removal, scratch repairs, hail damage repairs and rust removal. If you want a professional finish, and a piece of mind that the work done on your car is done by someone with years of experience, Mr. Bingle| is your best choice. Life time warranty is provided for the repaired areas. PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL Mr. Bingle's speciality is removing dents from your car, without damage to the factory finish of your paintwork. Paintless Dent Removal is a method of removing minor cosmetic dents from vehicle bodywork without the need for filling and spraying and is suitable for both steel and aluminium body panels. We use US designed and produced specialised equipment. BUMPER REPAIRS Most common damages on your vehicle are bumper bar scratches, cracks and dents. We are able to repair damages of you plastic bumper bar restoring their original look. That includes reshaping, plastic welding cracks and removing dents. If your bumper bar is damaged you don’t need a new one - Mr Bingle will make it look like new again. ALLOY WHEEL REPAIRS & REPAINT We repair alloy wheels damaged by kerbs, scuffs and scrapes, restoring them to their original condition. Deeper scratches can be filled with liquid aluminium and resprayed. Why buy new, when you can fix what you've already got, and no one will know the difference. By popular demand, we now also respray allow wheels to your preferred colour (eg. black). PRE-SALE PREPARATION Before you sell your car, or trade it in to get something bigger or better, we can help you make your car look as good as possible before anyone comes to see it. More than just detailing the outside of the car, careful attention is taken to find all possible ways to improve the value of your car. We will look for scratches, minor dents, alloy damages, and faded plastic and rubber. After fixing all these areas that make the car look old, we will buff & polish the paintwork and treat your tyres. Your car will look like it has been treated like royalty all the years you have had it. After our service, you will be able to get a higher price for your car, or get a much better offer for trade in. PAINT PROTECTION When you buy a new or second-hand car and your dealer offers a paint protection - think twice!!! Car dealers charge a premium price. You can book it in with Mr. Bingle for same day service and have the same quality paint protection product applied to your car, for at least half the price. Our Paint Protection protects your car paint from everyday harmful elements, such as Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Fading and Petrol, Diesel Fumes etc. It gives long-lasting showroom shine, deep mirror like finish and reduces the frequency of cleaning. Paint protection comes with 5-year warranty on labour and materials.

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