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Do You See Only Chaos When You Look At Your Healthcare Paperwork? MyCare is a portable storage tool that organises healthcare paperwork, as well as recording all your healthcare needs, using user friendly medical forms and templates. MyCare provides doctors, specialists, therapists, teachers and allied healthcare professionals with effortless access to vital information and reports effortlessly. People with differing healthcare needs including: those with disability, medical conditions, the elderly, their carers and families will benefit by using the MyCare information system. MyCare is a downloadable, printable pdf file which contains multiple printable sections: 1. User guide: simple instructions on how to print and create MyCare. Providing 7 personalised sections to store individual’s own medical specialist paperwork. 2. About me: medical forms recording individual’s diagnosis, medication and other medical information. 3. Templates: medical templates which can be photocopied and reused over and over as required. Key Benefits: MyCare provides the following ongoing advantages to users: • Organises and records all key information. • Portable • Structured and easy to access format • Easy to use • Up to date records • Direct access for medical emergencies • Transferable with changing life stages • Streamlined efficiencies minimising handover time • Scalable to grow with additional future needs • User friendly and designed to minimise stress About Me: The ‘About Me’ section captures personal information about any individual. This section includes a number of key forms including: • Birth details • About me • My family • What I like • My medical team Templates: Also provided are numerous templates that can be photocopied and re used as needed. These templates assist individuals to plan, record and communicate their healthcare needs. These templates include: • Application record • Appointment notes • Appointment record • Blood sugar record • Equipment or service • Medication register • My medical team • Operation record • Phone call record • Tab divider • To do list MyCare Turning Chaos Into Order

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