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Cyprus Spit charcoal grill from BBQ Spit Rotisseries

By: BBQ Spit Rotisseries  18-Nov-2013
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Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit charcoal grill: Deluxe with extras and 13kg motor MODEL: SP010-13D This Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Spit charcoal grill was months in the making. It is the best quality Cyprus Spit around with additional features such as a warming tray, easy height adjustment, thicker 10mm skewers, thicker 5mm kebab skewers, basket, 2 gyros disks and prongs. You will not find a better Cyprus Spit around DIMENSIONS: Firebox/cooking area: 72.5cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 10.5cm (D) approx. Total: 104cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 125 (H - max) 94cm (H from the ground to the top of the fire box) Legs can also be removed so you can take the grill away with you and rest directly on a park bench SPECIFICATIONS & INCLUSIONS: 2mm gauge thick body 12kg load capacity motor. Runs of either 12v aligator clips (provided) or standard mains power 240v with an extra long 6m transformer lead (also provided). Alternatively or you can upgrade to a 25kg 240volt motor 3 x 10mm thick Stainless Steel long skewers 12 x 5mm thick Stainless Steel kebab skewers 2 x S/Sprongs for the long skewers 2 x S/S gyros disks for the long skewers (150mm round diameter) 1 x S/S basket for the long skewers (350mm long - adjustable in width) 1 x S/S cooking grill 4 x wheels with breaks 1 x waterproof cover 1 x cooking thermometer Easy height adjustment functionality Extra shelf to add stability and act as a storage rack Side handles for easy movement 12 month warranty FLAMING COALS DELUXE GRADE CYPRUS SPIT CHARCOAL GRILL vs STANDARD CYPRUS SPITS Motor: 6m cord so you don't need an extension lead Large skewers: 10mm thick instead of 8mm thick Kebab skewers: 5mm thick instead of 2.5mm thick 12 skewers provided instead of 11 skewers Accessories: Comes standard with 2 prongs , 2 gyros disks and 1 basket . No need to pay extra for these accessories. Complete with wheels, cover and cooking thermometer All accessories which come in contact with your food are 304 stainless steel (not a cheaper quality of stainless steel) 2mm gauge thick body instead of 1mm BONUS: You receive a bonus 240v motor (capable of turning 9kgs) we are throwing in free of charge so if you wanted to, you can turn the small kebab skewers at the same time as the 3 large skewers UITABLE FOR: Charcoal BBQing using the grill provided gyros, roasts, chickens using the large skewers provided Vegetables, sausages, fish etc in the basket Kebabs using the small skewers provided

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