Stealth Breathalyser

Stealth Breathalyser from Aquarian Industries

By: Aquarian Industries  10-May-2012
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Andatech® Stealth is the world smallest fuel cell hand-held breathalyser.  It  uses a Fuel Cell chemical sensor to achieve accuracy consistency and reliability on a professional level.   With its sleek and lightweight size, makes Stealth the most accurate personal breathalyser in the market.

The easiest-to-use and most lightweight handheld fuel-cell breath alcohol detector available on the market. The Andatech® Stealth breathalyser incorporates advanced fuel-cell alcohol sensors to provide you with maximum precision and accuracy as well as the ability to handle rigorous high-volume testing without issue.

The Andatech® Stealth is a professional breathalyser that quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC). The Andatech® Stealth is the perfect choice for law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and for personal use anytime fuel cell accuracy is required.

Andatech® Stealth that utilities a fuel cell is using one of the most advanced methods of determining a person’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration). A fuel cell measures alcohol content by creating a chemical reaction through platinum metal that oxidizes the alcohol in the sample and produces an electrical current. Fuel Cell breathalysers are more specific for ethyl alcohol and reduces false readings from substances such as ketones that are similar in chemical structure to alcohol. Therefore, they are accurate and very stable.

Keywords: Al9000, Breathalysers,

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