Counselling For Women & Face Reading

Counselling For Women & Face Reading from Sony Crystal

By: Sony Crystal  09-Mar-2011
Keywords: Relationship Counselling, Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling

I have been a counsellor for women & a psychic face reader
for over sixteen
years now. I have helped so many women
to regain their
self-esteem and develop happier relationships.  
I have also assisted many women in healing their emotional
wounds from past abuse.

I have had the gift of psychic face reading ever since I was a child. 
When I give a face reading I can see your own unique personality,
your level of self-esteem and whether you are holding onto any
emotional trauma from past abuse. 
I also receive important messages to pass onto you. I cannot
see anything good or bad that you have done, but only where
you at in the present time. This gift enables me to see immediately 
where you need the most help.
There are many women who have not yet blossomed into happy 
adults because they were not really given enough 
healthy emotional
nourishment as children.
My job as a counsellor is to give women the tools they require to give
themselves a more positive self image & attract all the good things
that they want out of life.
I show women how to love & nourish themselves emotionally,
so that they can transform
themselves into the shining & powerful
Goddesses they were meant to become.  
I also help women to develop more loving & happier relationships.
I look at relationships like a flower garden that needs to be watered
regulary with love & attention or else the relationship will wither
and die.
I believe we need many more powerful women with good self-esteem
to make a positive change in this world. Nothing warms my heart more
to see a loving, shining and powerful woman.

Keywords: Anger Management, Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling, Family Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Stress Counselling

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Sony Crystal. Counsellor For Women & Psychic Face Reader

In order to live a happy & peaceful life, attract loving friends & partners and to be able to heal from past emotional abuse, we must first start with ourselves. We cannot look to others to give us back our lost self-esteem,  that is something we have to do for ourselves. If we do not try to regain our self-esteem and heal our emotional wounds from abusive people in our lives, we may continue to keep on abusing ourselves and also attract more abusive people to us.&n