Advice On Depression

Advice On Depression from Sony Crystal

By: Sony Crystal  09-Mar-2011
Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling, Stress Counselling

Millions of people all around the world are suffering depression. 
Too many doctors are working for the drug companies and too
readily prescribe
anti-depressants for just about everything a
woman could be suffering depression from
Some anti-depressants can be very addictive even within a week
and you can suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms if you
try to get
off them. One of the side effects of anti-depressants is that after
taking them for a while you could develop suicidal feelings. 
Many people stay on them
for years and can't get off them even if
they want to.
I highly recommend you try the healthy and natural approach first
before you head down the path of anti-depressants,
a path of no return
for many.
When you are suffering depression the first thing a doctor should look
at is your diet but most of them don't. There are so many reasons for
Here are some of them:
B Group Deficiency
Gluten Allergy
Iron Deficiency
Underactive Thyroid
PMT (deficiency in B6, Magnesium & Zinc)
Post Natal
Post Menopause
Childhood Abuse
Childhood Molestation
Relationship breakdown
Financial Difficulties
Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Weight Gain
Death of a loved one
Parent separation
School bullying
Work bullying
Loss of privacy
Loss of a job
Work Pressure
Family pressure
War Trauma
The first five reasons for depression above can be attributed to diet
both sugar and gluten can cause: depression, stress, anxiety,
irritability, weight gain, insomnia,
bi-polar & diabetes.
Many people all over the world are still not aware of how much effect
these higly addictive food products have on the health of our minds and
bodies. They actually unbalance our bodies and make us crave all the
wrong foods.

Once you stop having sugar and gluten, you start losing the desire for
alcohol and cigarettes. You will start to feel a lot more happier and 
peaceful. You will stop having headaches and migraines. And you will
also lose that excess weight. 

In order for your body to digest sugar, it has to deplete itself completely of
all the
B group vitamins. The results from a B group vitamin deficiency are
that you can suffer depression,
memory loss, irritability and insomnia. 
Please look at the page B group vitamins on my website.

Sugar can also cause a decrease in your insulin sensitivity thereby causing
abnormally high insulin levels which makes you gain weight. So even if you
buy food products that are fat free but contain loads of
sugar, not only can you
suffer depression, you can gain weight as well.
After years of punishing your pancreas with too much sugar, not only could you
be suffering depression, obesity & maybe missing a few teeth, you could also run
the risk of developing
I have done my homework and studied all the different types of sugar replacements,  
most have bad side effects, some make you hungry all the time, some spike up your
blood sugars and make you gain even more weight! 
The only one that came up
any side effects and with many great health benefits was Stevia a herbal sweetner. 
Many people do not know that gluten (found in cereals, pasta, bread, biscuits, cakes,
pies and many other products) can also cause depression and insomnia.
Please look at the page Gluten on my website.

Now for the other problems on that list above, it is best to see a
Counsellor. It is important for a woman to look for support when dealing
with depression. If not treated the depression could esculate to feelings of suicide
in extreme cases. 

I also believe in Hypnotherapy in dealing with Depression.
I have seen amazing results in many of my clients after they have listened to
Barrie Konicov's hypnosis CDs. You can order them on his online website which
is called Potentials Unlimited. On Barrie's list of subjects that he can help you
with are Depression, Alcoholism, Cigarette Addiction, Healing and many
The Anger CD is amazing!!  This is what Carl, a young man who plays football,
wrote in a email to me
 after listening to it:  
Hey Sony 
Thank you so much for our session.
I know it was a while ago but since then
I've been kicking goals left, right and centre
and my anger is pretty well gone!!  
And yeah I just wanna thank you again and
again cause you really helped me through
a hard time in my life!!   
Everyone heals in their own individual time, so I recommend that you listen to the
for as long as it takes.
I personally buy & download them as Mp3s onto my computer.
It's easy, cheaper and faster. I listen to them while I am working on my website, watching
television or sleeping.
Organic Bananas are also great for stress & depression because they are full of
the feel good B group vitamins. For more information about all the other
benefits of bananas look on the page Medicine Food of my website.
I have also seen great results in depressed women when they have taken
Blackmore's Executive B Stress tablets. I believe many people these days
are lacking in the B group vitamins so as a result they are unable to cope with
stress and suffer depression. 
Not only do many people consume too much sugar & gluten, many do not eat
enough fresh raw organic fruit & vegetables which also causes them to develop
a severe deficiency in the B group vitamins.
So is it any wonder that so many people these days are suffering from depression,
stress, anxiety, irritability & insomnia. Hopefully one day we will all learn to understand
how much our diets affect the way we feel and how we behave.

Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling, Stress Counselling

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