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About Sony Crystal from Sony Crystal

By: Sony Crystal  09-Mar-2011
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                  Watch Me Shine


Since I was a child I have had the gift of face reading
and the gift of seeing visions of the future. While growing
up I would receive visions of events a day, a week or even
twenty years ahead that were going to happen to myself,
my family & friends.  

Throughout my lonely childhood and as a young woman, 
I personally experienced what it felt like to be emotionally
and physically abused. I left school at fifteen. By the time
I turned twenty I did not love myself at all and had no self-esteem
whatsoever left in me.  

When I reached adulthood, as a result of these experiences,
I allowed any unhappy people who came my way to use and 
abuse me for many years. I thought that I was not worthy
enough to deserve anything better.  

I worked for a couple of years as an assistant nurse in a
pyschiatric hospital. After I saw what happened in there,
I swore to myself that I would never ever have a nervous breakdown!
I then married someone who worked with me at the hospital
and left that job to start a family.   

After my five year marriage failed, I ended up divorced with
three very young children (two girls & one boy) to look after. 
I had one more child, a boy, seven years later from another
relationship that didn't work out either. Both fathers of my
children were emotionally abusive so when I couldn't take it
anymore I left them in the end.  

One day my whole life changed after reading two books,
Your Erroneous Zones &
Pulling Your Own Strings by Doctor Wayne Dyer.
I finally decided to embark on a long journey to reclaim my
self-esteem and learn how to love myself.   

Because I was psychic I was given inner guidance to the
answers for each life challenge that I experienced and
overcame them one at a time. The answers I found were
simple, easy to apply and most importantly worked.  

Regaining one's self-esteem really depends on a person's 
level of determination to rise above their challenges.  I am 
a very determined woman and believe in never giving up.
Yes I fell down quite a few times along my life's path but
just like so many women I would get up again, dust myself
off and keep on walking.

Eventually I learnt how to love myself and regained my self-esteem.
Looking back at my past experiences, I can see now that they all
helped to mould me into the strong woman I am today. I have always
believed that out of the bad always comes good.  

Because I have personally experienced nearly every challenge a woman
can face in life, as a trained counsellor I have the ability to truly understand
and empathize with women no matter what situation they find themselves in.
This is something clients have told me they really appreciated.  

If we want to live a happy & peaceful life, we must first start with ourselves. 
As adults we cannot look to others to give us back our lost self-esteem. 
We cannot expect others to constantly feed our hungry egos every day. 
This is something we alone have to do for ourselves.  

If we do not try to regain our self-esteem and heal our emotional wounds
from abusive people in our lives, we  may continue to abuse ourselves and
others. We could also continue to keep on attracting more abusive people
into our lives.   

The more we can learn to love ourselves, the more loving we will become
towards others and in return we will allow others to love us back. The happier
we become the happier our relationships with others will be.   

The better we feel about ourselves, the better the kind of friends and partners
we will attract. So you see it all basically starts with you & how you feel about

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