Promotional Product Ideas

By: Image Worx  28-Jul-2016
Keywords: Creative Design, Corporate Apparel, Promotional Products – Ideas Through to Delivery

Running a business involves the constant challenge of generating more leads and customers so that your company can grow. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be constantly on the look out for new ideas on how you can achieve this. That’s why we developed this section of the website. We hope you can use it as a resource whenever you’re designing your next promotional product campaign. Our goal in this section is to outline solid and real examples of promotional product campaigns that have been successful. We hope you’ll be able to use the examples to implement similar successful promotional ideas for your own company. In presenting these promotional ideas we try and outline: The When – That is, when you should give away the promotional product. This decision will often effect the psychological impact the product has on the receiver. The What – That is, exactly what product you should give away. In an ideal world the gift will relate to and communicate the Unique Value Proposition of your business. If you can’t achieve this, then relate it to a relevant business message you’d like to communicate. The Why – That is, why the promotional idea worked. The Psychology of a Promotional Product Campaign Many successful promotional product campaigns use either Guilt or Goodwill to motivate their potential customers into taking action. Some use a mixture of both. It’s a great idea to think about the psychology behind a particular campaign as it will often give you great insight into why a particular promotional idea works – or not. When you find something that works you’ll be able to use it as a template. By repeating the campaign over and over, with small variations each time, you’ll have a low maintenance, reliable formulae, that will allow you to continually generate leads and customers.

Keywords: Corporate Apparel, Creative Design, Promotional Products – Ideas Through to Delivery, Source & Supply,