Counselling Services

By: My Turn 2 Talk  04-Apr-2011
Keywords: Counselling Service


At myturn2talk we offer counselling services to young children, adolescents and their families. Therapeutic interventions are tailored to you and your child’s unique situation and delivered in a manner that is appropriate to your child’s developmental stage.

Younger children lack the ability to communicate their problems in the same way that adults do, so play therapy is an important part of helping them deal with their problems. The child is engaged using computer games, card or board games, drawing, play doh, dolls etc to help them better understand and find more effective ways of coping with their worries.

On the other hand cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been found to be very effective with older children (12 years and older) as they are more able to grasp concepts and implement the principles behind the therapy that help them move forward.

Sometimes, becoming a better parent means focusing on one's own mental health. Stress, anxiety or depression affect many Australians, and becoming a parent does not take these problems away. In fact, it may even amplify them, making them more important to manage. We cannot change our past, but we can focus on ours and our childrens' future and acceptance and commitment thereapy (ACT) can be very useful in helping adults focus on their values and respond to their children's behaviour in a way that is consistent with those values.

Keywords: Counselling Service