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By: Proximity Sky  09-Dec-2011
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IBM has been the Official Technology Partner of the Australian Open since 1993. Every year, new innovations are developed and deployed across each tournament, creating a perpetual stream of innovation that sees the technology become smarter and greener year on year.

2011 saw IBM bringing a range of new multimedia experiences into play, including iPhone/iPad applications and other new technologies. Proximity Marketing was one of these new technologies IBM decided to embrace.


  • Promote IBM’s involvement in the 2011 Australian Open.
  • Format and optimise multimedia content for IBM.
  • Push video and PDF content to mobile phones.
  • Allow smartphone users to wirelessly access content.
  • Gather statistics and information about users for reporting purposes.


Run a two week campaign in the Sydney Qantas airport lounge. Set up a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network to reach users with mobile devices in the lounge. Run logging for analytics and reporting purposes.


We converted and optimised the video content provided by IBM to be compatible with multiple mobile devices. Alongside the video, a PDF containing information about IBM’s Australian Open relationship was also available to all devices.

We reached mobile devices via Bluetooth, pushing out optimised video and PDF files to Bluetooth enabled handsets.

To interact with smartphone users, we created a local Wi-Fi access point containing a mini site. This allowed iPhones and other smart phones to access the content.

A script was added to the mini site to accurately track how many people were viewing the content. Another feature implemented in the script allowed us to track which phones/browsers were being used to view the content.

Bluetooth tracking was also enabled to gather data related to user traffic and other statistics.


The campaign successfully ran for two weeks at the Qantas airport lounge in Sydney. All parties involved were very pleased with the results. After receiving the data logs, we analysed the data to create a report detailing traffic and other user information, the help determine the success of the campaign. Over 2,300 devices and users were reached during the two week period. We discovered that over 80% of these devices were Apple products (iPhone iPod Touch and iPad).

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Keywords: Airport Lounge, Apple Products, Ipod Touch, Mobile Devices, Multimedia Content, Pdf Files, Wi-Fi Network,

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