anterior hip surgery

By: Ikram Nizam  30-Mar-2013
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Dr. Nizam does almost all Total Hip replacements through the Direct Anterior muscle sparing approach. The main indications for a hip replacement is significant degenerative arthritis (primary or secondary) or inflammatory process (rheumatoid) affecting the hip joint resulting in increased pain, reduced mobility and function. It can also be performed for fractured hips in some cases. The AMIS – anterior hip is a true minimally invasive muscle sparing (inter-muscular and inter-nervous plane) procedure. It has been carried out in Europe for several years with very good success. The incision is smaller than the traditional posterior/lateral or anterolateral approaches and the muscles preserved. This approach can also be achieved through a bikini line scar on the front of the hip joint rather than a longitudinal (straight line) scar – see below. Traction table to distract the hip is not usually used in this procedure minimizing any trauma to the knees. Advantages include Less post-operative pain (improved further with the LIA technique) Less Blood Loss Less muscle weakness Early Mobilization (as early as 4 hours after surgery) – individual results may vary Rapid recovery Less risk of dislocations Early discharge home Preparation for surgery, the Surgical procedure, The Outcomes, the Post operative period and precautions, Risks and complications would all be discussed in detail by the surgeon.

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