Call Centre Process Solutions and the Application of Technology

Call Centre Process Solutions and the Application of Technology from GRID Programming

By: GRID Programming  28-Oct-2012
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Business innovation increasingly comes through the application of technology. At the heart of this revolution is a customer-centric focus that reshapes business processes and the applications needed to implement them. But transformation efforts often fall flat on their face because the business process professionals are working at cross-purposes to the front-end contact center staff. All too often the result is a complicated software application that never manages to gain widespread acceptance. To succeed your process management software must share a common approach: express business process requirements and customer values and use agile methods to rapidly deliver both. Nothing too complicated is required; your software application needs to be user friendly in the heat of the battle. Putting it simply the day-to-day consultants must be able to quickly access the information they require without diverting their attention from the customer. All too often this crucial element is found wanting. Ask yourself, how many times have you had to call your local call center only to speak with a consultant who provides conflicting or inconsistent information. It's enough to test the nerve of even the most patient customer. One solution to this conundrum is a move toward call based process interfaces. This is software that can help your business automate customer service processes to intelligently guide call center agents to the correct answers according to proven best practices. We can think of it as one platform that staff can launch from to find information about products, processes and compliance. The end result is efficient, consistent, and accurate customer service. The software, along with the professionalism of your staff, will keep everyone reading from the same playbook. When your call center is equipped with an effective process management application your staff have the best opportunity to service customer enquiries in a timely manner. Efficient customer service saves your company money. This is never more so than in a call center environment. From a financial perspective trimming valuable seconds off every call, without adversely effecting service levels can quickly run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, consider some of the hidden benefits. With an effective call center process management system your call center staff can solve complex customer enquiries without needing to seek time consuming clarification from experienced colleagues or team leaders. Everything they need to go from a new inductee to an experienced consultant is at their fingertips in less than a second. The time taken for new staff to reach proficiency in their role is significantly decreased.

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