By: Uhg  13-Sep-2011
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medEbridge™ is the fast, secure and electronic solution created to manage Insurance Medical requests.

medEbridge™ removes the need to print, scan or fax sensitive patient information.  Insurance medical reports are secured via electronic encryption and may only be accessed by those authorised to do so, ensuring all industry and legal privacy requirements are met.  

Clinics using medEbridge™ will be contacted weekly; a streamlining of processes ultimatley reducing overall impact on the clinic's day to day business.

As insurance medical reports are received at UHG via medEbridge™ prompts trigger automated EFT payments to clinics, reducing time and effort involved with invoicing and receipting.

UHG has partnered with RACGP Oxygen to provide an electronic medical solution that sits on the GP’s desktop computer via the tool.

Alternatively, allows a similar data extraction process to automate the electronic transfer of information via the web.
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