Federation Bells rebuild continues to exceed expectations.

By: Spring Innovations  05-Aug-2014
Keywords: Installation, Musical Instrument, Instrument

After two years of design, simplification, redesign and adaptation my team came up with an elegant simple and as it turns out, super reliable solution to a problem made complex by the environmental and artistic challenges inherent in a large remote public musical instrument. How do you build a long lasting, cheap motor that can drive anything from a 1 Tonne bell to a 1 Kg bell, from 0-50 degrees C, upside -down, with a really short stroke, low power usage, repeatability, and >10 million cycle design life? And that's just a start of what this system does. Since completion the system has rung more than 30 million times, each ring is logged, and the overall instrument is assessed daily, automatically, at 5 am. Current development includes a retrofit LED theatrical lighting system that generates a programmable, changing lighting script that follows the music, and an interactive component that is due for delivery late 2014. Please contact us for more information.

Keywords: Fedbells, Installation, Instrument, Musical Instrument, Public Artwork,