Leadership Development

By: NeuroSport  17-Dec-2012
Keywords: Consulting, Leadership Training, Executive Coaching

The Corporate Coaches and Frontline Captains Program is for executives and people leaders seeking the skills and behaviours that are common in the most successful teams and their leaders. The relationship between the coach and captain is a critical element of any winning teams. A relationship not only forged out of duty and position but also out of mutual respect. These roles are very different positions but essentially ‘share’ the leadership of the group – when they are in sync the team flows. The coach develops the group and sets the direction, while the captain executes the tactics on the ground. When the same strength of relationship and clear understanding of role exists in business, you also have a winning team. An equivalent leadership model can be between a regional sales manager (coach) and team leader (captain) or a senior executive (coach) and a department head (captain) for example. The treatment of feedback is where business can learn some valuable lessons from sport. An environment that is hungry for corrective feedback (like pro-sports teams) can sustain long periods of high performance. In business the acceptance or openness to corrective feedback prevents flow and growth. Senior leaders that strive for success through the investment and empowerment of their people are demonstrating the same traits as our best coaches. Managers living the vision and values; leading the execution of the Strategic Plan and reviewing front line performance are mirroring our greatest sporting captains. CORPORATE COACH The Corporate Coach program is investing in a process that continuously improves your leaders performance by improving their ability to engage and effectively coach their people. It ultimately leads to increasing revenue and decreasing costs and is a strong incentive for retaining critical talent at the top of the organisation. NeuroSport’s professional coaching team will partner with your senior executives to progress their development through closely guided Executive Training and/or Coaching that incorporates; developing and implementing vision, strategic direction and organisational performance measures, building the elements of High Performance Cultures, dealing with complexity and improving composure, performance coaching and feedback model that allows leaders to coach and mentor their people, leading the stories, traditions and celebrations that represent the team culture and applying the key skills of authentic and situational leadership. FRONTLINE CAPTAIN The Frontline Captain program is investing in a process that continuously improves your frontline mangers performance by improving their ability to effectively communicate and execute the strategic plan. One of the biggest challenges facing many businesses is how to transition technical experts into front line leadership roles. These front line leaders now play both a technical role and also a leadership role and its critical that they are armed with the skills and capabilties to be effective and engaging leaders. NeuroSport delivers Front Line Leadership training that incorporates; living the vision, mission and values, leading the execution of the strategic plan, supporting and developing the stories, traditions and celebrations of the team, leading and reviewing front line performance and critical front line skills like conflict resolution, prioritisation and proactivity. If you’re looking for a Leadership Development program that builds layers of effective leaders that can lead and coach your front line performance then contact us.

Keywords: Consulting, Executive Coaching, Front Line Leadership, Leadership Training,