Kristalbond Residential Building Glass

Kristalbond Residential Building Glass from KristalBond

By: KristalBond  25-Jan-2011
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Invented in Japan and patented in 16 countries, KristalBond is a liquid glass coating that shields against the sun’s harmful radiation for living comfort and energy savings.

KristalBond cuts 90% of infrared rays. KristalBond -

  • Reduces air-conditioning usage & increases its efficiency
  • Increases comfort, especially near glass areas
  • Allows you to enjoy a cooler & more comfortable living environment

KristalBond reduces heat loss from windows by retaining infrared rays generated indoors. KristalBond -

  • Retains heat indoors
  • Reduces cold drafts and increases comfort
  • Reduces condensation on windows

With a 2 - 3ºC reduction in temperature, you are able to save up to 20% on your electrical consumption on a yearly basis. Based on the scenario above, you would reduce an estimate of 5.6kg/m2/annum of CO2 greenhouse emissions.

KristalBond is formulated to cut out 99% of the sun’s UV rays (UVA and UVB) and reduces heat by screening off 90% of infrared rays from the sun. KristalBond will:

  • Protect from skin pigmentation and skin cancer
  • Keep your furniture, displays and valuables from accelerated fading and ageing
  • Keep out insects that are attracted to UV emitting from indoor lights

Harvest natural light and save on artificial lighting during the day with KristalBond. A colourless and ultra clear coating, KristalBond reduces reflection on glass due to its crystal like nature.

Only 7 microns thin with a low haze level of 0.8, KristalBond owes its super transparency to nanotechnology. Colourless, KristalBond preserves your window’s originality, keeping it clear without any distortion.

With a 6H hardness, KristalBond has a high scratch resistence, it does not peel or bubble, de-metalize or require special maintenance. It does not incinerate nor pose any toxic danger.

KristalBond provides a smooth finish regardless of the contours and curves of the glass. Large glass panes can also be coated without seams maintaining its natural beauty. Its superior self leveling properties gives KristalBond the finishing edge over solar control films.

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