THE GAMES from Exitus

By: Exitus  16-May-2014
Keywords: Team Building, Casino, Adventure

Exitus has five different game themes in dedicated escape rooms. All games can accommodate between 2 to 8 players (max 40 playing at one time). Given the complexity of the games the recommended age is 16+ but players under 16 are welcome when accompanied by an adult. - Prison Break It is not always innocent until proven guilty these days. You and your friends have been imprisoned for life and for a crime you didn't commit no less! With all the odds stacked against you and no chance for parole, there is only one way you will ever regain your freedom... Escape the prison! Blindfolded and handcuffed you only have 45 minutes until the guards return for the next inmate headcount. Can you complete the challenges and escape to freedom? - Casino Heist You're part of a crew of professional criminals looking for the next big score. Good timing, an anonymous tip regarding the location of the loot has just come in through the criminal network: hidden in a highly secure area of a casino. You need to hurry! No beginner's luck here, just your wit and speed can get your crew the next big score. Can you solve the clues, find and escape with the loot to pull off the ultimate heist? Roll the die and find out... - Yellow Brick Road You're not in Kansas anymore! It really is a long way from home and there is only one way to get back - follow the yellow brick road, travel to the Emerald city and find the wizard. He has the key. It is time for an adventure in the land of Oz. Don’t be fooled by the bright and colourful scenery, your journey will be filled with challenges and obstacles; especially with the wicked witch watching over you! There is no place like home, so escape in 45 minutes or you might be stuck in Oz forever. - Apollo Mission Your team has just wrapped up their final successful moon walk. Everyone has returned to the lunar module ready to head back to the Apollo. You try and fire up the engines but nothing is functioning properly! The oxygen warning goes off. Only 45 minutes before you run out of air. Can your crew solve the problems, fix the ship and make a safe journey back to earth? - CSI Melbourne What appeared to be a typical murder case is shaping up to be something more involved. Nobody paid attention to warnings from the detective working on the case until he turned up dead last night. And now? They say the detective was getting too close to the evidence and sealed his own fate. Are you brave enough to take on this case and retrieve the evidence? Do it fast and escape or suffer the same fate as the detect

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