Dry Needling for Pain Relief

Dry Needling for Pain Relief from Balanced Bodies Port Melbourne

By: Balanced Bodies Port Melbourne  12-Nov-2012
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Dry needling is one of the many therapeutic treatments people enlist to relieve themselves of muscle pain. This procedure makes use of filiform needles to release trigger points in the treatment of a lot of conditions. Some of these conditions are: muscle spasms, sciatic nerve pain, tennis elbow, headache, myofascial pain. Dry needling should not be confused with acupuncture because the two are actually very different in terms of rationale and function. For one, dry needling is an approach of the Western culture while acupuncture relates more to Chinese/Asian medicinal traditions. This is procedure that is considered as invasive as it penetrates the skin and the muscle underneath it to treat directly the cause of the pain. Myofascial trigger points resemble lumps in the muscle area that can trap nerves, lymph, and blood vessels. Dry needling works in such a way that it causes the muscle spasms to relax, thus relieving the pain that is felt by the person. While dry needling does not often get the votes of many patients because it is seen more as a therapeutic treatment than an actual medical procedure, there are still a lot of benefits that it poses. One is of course the relief of the muscle spasm that causes pain without having to take a lot of pain relievers. For example, the use of dry needling to treat pains in the lower back can help alleviate the pain of the muscles and become better in supporting the weight of the upper body. For some patients though, it is a relaxing activity that helps their body to rejuvenate. This can effectively lead to a happier disposition and a lighter lifestyle with a good amount of sleep and a healthy appetite. Ultimately, dry needling is a good form of preventive measure that the patients can go through to avoid experiencing more serious diseases that can be caused by their muscle spasms. Dry needling truly has a lot of benefits. It can be both therapeutic and actually curative. The patients only have to be familiar of their body to be sure that they are having their needles pointed at the right places for maximum health benefits and to obtain the desire relief in every pain that the patient is suffering from.

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