Needle felted baby koala

Needle felted baby koala from Bright Alpacas

By: Bright Alpacas  09-Apr-2012
Keywords: Craft, Wool, Alpaca

‎3 dimensional needle felted sleepy baby koala. Alpaca fleece hand dyed with Landscapes Dyes has been used to created the fleecy colour palette. Multi needle felting tools and single needle felting tools made by Snowy Creek engineering were used to felt and add detail.  To purchase felting tools, felting needles, landscapes dyes and alpaca fleece visit

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Bright Alpacas is a boutique alpaca farm dedicated to creating quality products using 100% natural a lpaca fleece . More than Alpacas... Bright Alpacas has felting and craft supplies, a lpaca fleece, needle felting tools...multi needle felting tools and single felting needle tools, felting needles, and Landscapes dyes for wool and silk. We supply premium alpaca fleece.  Everyone’s needs in fleece, craft materials, and what we'd like to pay are different but our expectatio