Maddison Lea hand-crafted Belgian chocolates and truffles

By: Maddison Lea  29-Nov-2010
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“, perfect for gifting, or for your own personal indulgence”.

Encompassing splendid blends of dark, milk and white chocolate, our use of ganache, fondant, praline, fruit, crèmes and liqueurs will tempt the boundaries of pleasure by offering a unique variety of mouth watering delights.

At Maddison Lea we are committed to selling world-class hand crafted chocolates, using only the world’s finest Belgian Couverture chocolate, which is a high quality chocolate containing extra cocoa butter (32-39%).

Our chocolates are presented in beautifully designed gift boxes that hold 12 exquisite pieces. What sets us apart from others is the opportunity we give you to personalise every . We do this by letting you select the flavours that you want in each box.

Purchasing through Maddison Lea, you can have as many, or as few flavours as you want, meaning that you can individualise your gift to suit the taste of the person receiving it. You get to tell us which flavours you want included ~ every time.

Ideally served at room temperature and kept in temperate conditions of around 18 degrees Celsius, Maddison Lea Chocolates are best enjoyed within 21 days of their creation (we have never known them to last this long anyway), however they will keep for up to three months if they are stored correctly (see our storage section).

At Maddison Lea, our chocolates offer taste experiences that are rivaled only by visual sensations ~ where the art of chocolate is expressed in a single, beautiful, decadent piece.

Keywords: Artisan Chocolates and Truffles, Gift Boxes, Gourmet Chocolates and Truffles, Hand-Made Gourmet Chocolates and Truffles,

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