Fresh roasted coffee blends

Fresh roasted coffee blends from Maddison Lea

By: Maddison Lea  29-Nov-2010
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Our Philosophy is simple: “The best beans, expertly roasted to perfection and rushed to your door while they are still fresh”.

Sadly, we have found that passion for the art of brewing is rare. For many, brewing has become automatic or “drive-thru”. At Maddison Lea, we want to help you discover a coffee ritual that creates space and invites you to think, to create and to dream.

We freshly roast our coffee beans every day and ship these off fresh to you in optimal condition for drinking, to anywhere in Australia. At Maddison Lea, we time your delivery so that your coffee beans are ready for use when they arrive. What do we mean when we say ready for use? As coffee connoisseurs would know – coffee that is consumed within the first 72 hours, while the beans are still degassing, can taste flat and stale. After about 72 hours is the time where the beans reach their peak and taste the best.

It is at this time that we ship off your coffee order to you. It is also useful to note that coffee is at its prime between the ages of 1-2 weeks so it is best to order only enough to get you through that period. Ordering in smaller amounts more often will ensure that you always have fresh supplies of your favourite coffee on hand.

Welcome to Maddison Lea – the home of “fresh” roasted coffee beans.

Keywords: Cafe Style Coffee Blends, Maddison Lea Gourmet Coffee,

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