Chiropractic Treatment

By: Dr Paul Porteli  28-Dec-2015
Keywords: Pain Management, Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Clinic

Our bodies try to speak to us from time to time, usually through persistent and nagging symptoms including, but not limited to lower back pain, fatigue, bowel issues, joint instabilities and menstrual irregularities. In the absence of any clear reasons for the symptoms, we eventually accept them as the new normal. They are anything but normal. Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that something is not right. It is the equivalent of a smoke detector telling us there is the potential for a fire. We should no more ignore the nagging and persistent symptoms, than we would a smoke detector. Chiropractic care helps prevent the fire by getting to the cause, whether this involves taking the oil off the stove or removing smouldering embers before you need to call the fire brigade. The central nervous system is the body’s master communication’s panel. As a Chiropractor, I use a raft of techniques to help decipher the messages transmitted via the nervous system, to assist with identifying underlying issues. While many patients come in for a specific problem, others use the wellness benefits of chiropractic care to maintain their health and wellbeing. I use myriad techniques ranging from manual adjustments, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic Paediatric techniques, to Organ Biomechanics to help bring my patients to and maintain their optimum health. To see the full complement of techniques, please click here. To find out more, please contact (03) 9331 4445 and one of my helpful staff can arrange the first suitable appointment time for you. Let us help you experience a new kind of normal.

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