Hand Analysis

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This is scientific HAND ANALYSIS – a NON-predictive way of showing you what your Soul already knows you came here to do. 1. YOUR LIFE SCHOOL Your Life School (there are 4 Life Schools): The four Schools of Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service are a recipe for good living: Peace in your body, wisdom in your mind, love in your heart and service in your spirit. YOUR specific Life School reveals the key or theme to your life, and you get plenty of opportunity to practice and get it right. 2. YOUR LIFES LESSONS (or blind spot) this is where you tend to get stuck repeatedly, the drama will vary but the underlying theme is the same. By shining your light of consciousness on your life lesson it is greatly disempowered, and you will be able to make a conscious decision to NOT let it stop you. A few examples of life lesson are feelings of victimization, guilt and fear of rejection. AND 3. YOUR LIFES PURPOSE the reason for your being, what you incarnated to experience in this lifetime

Keywords: Chakra Balancing, Goddess, Hand Analysis, New Age, Psychic Medium, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Healing, Tarot Card Readers, Tarot Readings

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Goddess Workshops

Every woman is different – so every Goddess Playshop is its own unique experience, shaped by each beautiful and unique woman in the group. However, every experience includes: a chakra-balancing session – which helps us release and clear obstacles in your life an Inner Goddess Tour – to connect with your Goddess guide and receive her messages Angels whispers – to uplift and inspire your Goddess self mini-Readings – to open your intution a Goddess At Play journal to keep valued at $15 aud-


Goddess Play Shops

      Goddess Playshop is a group of fun-loving friends/ clients/ colleagues who get together to reconnect with their inner goddess


Host your Own Playshop

 A Goddess Playshop is a group of fun-loving friends/ clients/ colleagues who get together to reconnect with their inner goddess in a safe and nurturing space. Explore what it means to be ‘woman’ and feel beautiful, sassy and inspired as a result. Each Playshop Facilitator brings her beautiful talents to each Playshop, so every single one is a unique experience.


Play Shops

  Expect to be Nurtured As women, sometimes we don’t get a chance to nurture ourselves.    A  Goddess Playshop is a warm and nurturing sanctuary where you’ll be guided every step of the way to connect with the Goddess within. Expect to be Pampered Your time at a Goddess Playshop is all about you – you’ll play with essential oils, be showered with gifts and  be flooded with positive feelings about the amazing woman you are. Expect to be Inspired Fun games and activ

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Goddess Playshops

Workshops for womens Wellbeing