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By: Pakenham Zen Do Kai - Martial Arts  04-Mar-2012
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Our Kidz Karate program offers everything kids need for a solid introduction to the martial arts. We explain in more detail here. The Zen Do Kai 'Kidz Kickstart Karate' self-defence program is designed essentially for Primary School aged children between the ages of 5-12 years. This program offers safe and exciting training exercises with an emphasis on challenge and fun. Students increase their self confidence, awareness and self control. The grading system in Kidz Karate is modified but does connect the student to the senior system upon reaching senior age level. 'Bully Proofing' strategies are also studied in each standard class to promote improved student self esteem and self control.The main objectives of Kidz Kickstart Karate include: to provide basic martial arts based training to provide basic self-defence skills to develop a healthy attitude towards self to have fun Fun is the main ingredient that we use in the Kidz Karate classes. A typical class usually starts with a quick game to warm up the muscles for training. Arms and legs also get a good stretch too. We then do skills and drills which include set techniques which are followed to improve our abilities, such as karate kicking. We also practice our skills in pairs. One partner holds bags or focus mitts whilst the other practices techniques on them. This is done in turns to share the skills development. We also practice 'forms' or 'kata' which are sets of routine moves that we practice for our gradings. These are different for each belt as we progress towards Black Belt and they help to develop our coordination and focus. We also practice our techniques in sessions that we call 'sparring'. This involves facing each other and pretending to fight using the techniques learned. We never hit our opponents doing this because we concentrate on safety and learning from each other. We always bow to each other before and after sparring to show respect and we shake hands too. We're all buddies after all!! Classes usually finish with a karate game before we head home. We usually can't wait to go again next week to do it all again.

Keywords: Karate, Kids Karate, Martial Arts, Martial Arts School

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