It's an illusion

By: Atelier451  12-Jan-2013
Keywords: Science Fiction, Origami, Other Dimensions

Using traditional graphite drawing techniques with only tone and line, I've played with the idea of creating even more than 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional plane. Area of the works recede and project at the same time or change as you view them. 4 of the works on Fabriano are about 3 m x 1.5. Some are closer to A4 and there are several giclee prints of sections of the large ones. All traditional Western art has been focussed on achieving the most convincing illusions of 3D on 2D. Having read futurists like Michio Kaku, became interested in the possibility of dimensions beyond our perception, so jumped at the chance to try and create my own, the only way I knew how.

Keywords: Origami, Other Dimensions, Science Fiction,

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