By: Bellarine Chiropractic  13-Aug-2015
Keywords: Back Pain, Sports Massage, Cupping

Having a well aligned body is the first step to feeling strong and healthy throughout life. As you get older your body doesn’t hold up as well as it does when you’re young. Whether it be from working a physically demanding job, sports, injuries or just age taking its toll, chiropractic services help realign your body and get you moving again. Dr. Kane Fraser know the importance of aligning the body, himself having played AFL footy for Hawthorn. After a visit to a chiropractor helped alleviate pain in his lower back and legs, Dr. Fraser dedicated himself to providing pain relief to the community around him. At Bellarine Chiropractic, we treat everything including lower back pain, neck pain, disc bulges, sciatic pain, shoulder, arm hip, leg and foot pain as well as offering chiropractic treatment for sports injuries. Pain treatments are achieved through joint adjustments and mobilisation, dry needling, cupping, stretching and giving massages in Ocean Grove.

Keywords: Back Pain, Cupping, Sports Massage