AMR Gas - LPG Autogas Parts

By:  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Petrol, Vehicles, Stainless Steel

AMR manufacture a wide range of products.

We manufacture Gasmaster Ignition Leads stainless steel spiral core specially designed for both petrol and gas vehicles.

Simple mixer, complete conversion kits, Impco equivalent Australian made complete kits and many other products are available in our stores.

AMR fillers, another product, have been proven to be the best quality in Australia. The fillers are designed to be easilly fitted to the vehicles with step by step instructions and photos with a strong emphasis for quality control.

We continue developing fillers for current modern vehicles. Wholesalers and installers, if you need fillers to be made for any vehicles, please feel free to contact us.

Keywords: Ignition Leads, Petrol, Stainless Steel, Vehicles