Flir B 60 Inrared Cameras now with MeterLink

Flir B 60 Inrared Cameras now with MeterLink from Build Lite Pty Ltd

By: Build Lite Pty Ltd  06-Jan-2011
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The latest upgrade to the b 60 and i 60 models include Meterlink for both moisture meters and for electrical application a clamp meter allowing the user to have the data loaded into the picture via blue tooth technology

A fantastic advancement

Some Points why the Flir I & B60 is better:


  1. B60 has more pixels (180 x 180 = 32,400 compared to 80 x 80 = 6,400). This is around 5 times the number of pixels. So you can say it is like comparing a 1 mega  pixel camera to a 5 mega pixel camera


  1. B60 is more sensitive – has an NETD < 80mK compared to i5 which is < 100mK. This combined with the increased detector resolution makes the images from the B60 significantly better. Similar to comparing digital camera lens to mobile phone camera lens


  1. B60 has a visual camera in built. This allows you to take a reference picture with the same camera. This also allows you to do a IR/Visual Picture in Picture which leaves no doubt as to where the problems lie


  1. B60 has a laser pointer (which is tracked on the screen). This allows the user to show (by pointing laser on the wall) their customers exactly where problems are

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