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By: One Sherpa Pty Ltd  23-Nov-2011

In a service business such as One Sherpa, it is important for me to get the maximum advantage from the talents and skills of my people.

Much of this is dependant how people behave in our business and behave around each other.

Sometimes tiny changes in behaviour can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of people in our organisation. Whether you have 5 people or 50 people in your organisation, getting the best out of your people is a key success factor in maximizing the results of your business.

TIP # 1 Take responsibility for your own behaviour

How well do you know yourself?

Have you ever made an intentional effort to find out your strengths, struggles and communication keys?

Understanding yourself is the first step in getting better business performance because without a clear understanding of self it is almost impossible to take responsibility for your own behaviour.

If you have never done any of this type of work there are a number of tools available to make a start. Two of the most common are DISC and Myer Briggs but the best we have found is Business DNA which can really help identify the unique aspects of someone’s behaviour which is where most of the conflict arises when interacting with others.

Once you understand your strengths then you can build on these to enhance your effectiveness.

Once you understand your struggles you’ll be equipped to manage these because it is the area where the relationship issues always arise. Conflict rarely arises from people’s strengths and nearly always arises from mismanagement of struggles.

TIP #2 Get into the other persons shoes

If you understand yourself well then it is possible to try and understand someone else’s point of view. Remember that people can be very different to you so it is not easy to authentically step into someone else’s shoes but worth the effort.

In business with a balanced team there are many different personalities, talents and skills. Not everyone is like you so…

Draw a deep breath, forget about your world and try to appreciate other points of view.

If you have some understanding of their personality and what makes them tick then this can be much easier. Even if you don’t, start to think how they react to things. What situations seem to ‘press their buttons?’

What areas have caused a conflict in the past?

Make a genuine effort to draw a context of ‘their world’ rather than try to bring them into your own world.

It will likely feel awkward and difficult but after some practice you will find that the benefit of really understanding their context will improve the business behaviour in your organisation significantly.

TIP #3 Cut colleagues some slack

Think about a time when you have made a mistake and wished the earth would open up and let you escape.

What kind of behaviour were you looking for from the people around you in the business?

How were you hoping that other people would look at the mistake?

I bet the last think in the world you would look for is to be told by some one else that you’d made a mistake. You already know that fact and probably more of the detail behind it than any one else. Being reminded by others only adds to the pain you’re already feeling from knowing you’d made a mistake.

In these circumstances you needed people to cut you some slack and work with you towards a remedy. Moving forward will help more than dwelling on the past and focusing on the mistake.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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