3-Way Messaging with an Added Twist

3-Way Messaging with an Added Twist from New Media Services

By: New Media Services  22-Dec-2010
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Communication is a basic need which is apparent in even the smallest creatures in the known world. Humans have the most complex form of communication from words, gestures, symbols and even art. The need for expression via communication is a viable market not just for business, but for the everyday person. The average male speaks 6073 words per day and the average female – 8805 words per day. Imagine tapping into the demand for communication and it will be quite obvious that this is an unsaturated market - one that always has an open mind to anything that addresses and satisfies the need for social interaction.


Chat Services+ (http://smschatservices.com) is the general branding of New Media Services for their set of chat, info and messaging developments which are aimed for clients who want to provide more than the basics to their end-users. Chat Services+ introduces 3-way Messaging via Short Message Service (SMS), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Browser-based Instant Messaging (IM).



Basic chat through SMS (Short Message Service) without the fancy applications or advanced network connections. Just straight, easy and simple chatting that is completely user-friendly and set to compliment the simplest mobile phone capability – Text Messaging

What is SMS Chatting? SMS Chatting is a simple yet effective method of communication that is readily available and extremely simple


How Does It Work?

It relies on a common communication tool – the mobile phone. It transmits messages (via Keywords) to register or activate the chat service. Once activated, the user may use the entertaining chat service all through simple text messaging.


Convenience through Simplicity

The beauty of SMS Chat lies in its utter simplicity. Short Message Service is one of the most basic and most widely used forms of communication via mobile phone. It is easy to understand, quick to use and simple to operate.



Wap Chatter is a chat engine specifically created for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled mobile devices. It allows end-users to use the WAP service for enhanced communication. An improvement to basic short message service conversations, all contained within the mobile phone – making it portable, convenient, easy and entertaining.


What is WAP Chatting?

WAP Chatting is basically similar to its computer-based counterpart which is Internet Messaging. The main difference is that WAP Chatting uses software to tailor-made for mobile devices connected to a mobile network service provider.


How Does It Work?

The inner workings of WAP Chat are simple. This form of chatting uses what is called a WAP Messenger; a WAP messenger is a commonly used web communication tool for small mobile devices such as cell phones or PDAs, developed to allow for a realistic chat experience by its users.


Functionality & Convenience

WAP Chatting is easy and a significant step above basic text messaging. It functions quite similarly to Internet Messaging but with the added convenience of being mobile. WAP Chatter answers the need to communicate, the need to be entertained and the need to be mobile when required.


LOOP IM is instant messaging service that is completely web-based and provided by New Media Services to its clients. LOOP IM involves no downloads and no installations. All that is needed is a browser and a computer to get connected and end-users may be able to chat for their entertainment purposes.


What is IM Chatting?

IM Chatting is a computer-based instant messenger which uses the internet and a computer for full-featured chatting.


How Does It Work?

No fuss and no complicated procedures just entertaining chat! Full-Featured & Convenient

LOOP IM makes chatting extremely easy and user-friendly. No downloads mean it is convenient to use. No installations mean there is no possibility of downloading any potentially threatening software. Plus since it is computer-based, end-users get the full features of live chatting that other chat mediums are unable to provide.

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