By: Elyptic Energies  14-Apr-2012
Keywords: Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Stress Relief

If you're feeling stressed, Reiki works wonders to help you find that relaxed state again. Reiki is a hands on/off, non-invasive, healing technique which helps with adjusting energy flow in your body. You may feel very relaxed and calm after a Reiki session which usually lasts for an hour. It may assist with the release of emotional blockages that you are holding in your body too. A Reiki treatment consists of you just laying on the massage table and relaxing.. nothing more needed from you than that. If you've never tried Reiki, it's worth trying it at least once.. I guarantee you'll enjoy the experience. Reiki is also safe on pregnant women, children and elderly people.

Keywords: Energy Therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Stress Relief, Tiredness

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