Introducing the ResiPod

Introducing the ResiPod from PCTE

By: PCTE  10-Oct-2011
Keywords: Non Destructive Testing, Concrete Testing, Corrosion Testing


PCTE are the leading suppliers of non-destructive testing equipment for construction materials in Australia. Proceq of Switzerland has been making non-destructive testing equipment for concrete and metal for more than 50 years, they were our first supplier and we still have a strong relationship with them. We are very proud to be able introduce the to Australia.

When building in aggressive marine environments it is important that the concrete mix used is of a suitably quality (i.e. low permeability) to resist the ingress of chloride ions. Once corrosion has begun calculating the propagation time before the structure becomes unserviceable requires an understanding of the corrosion rate. Resistivity is a measurement of the electrical resistance per unit volume of concrete, is related to both these properties. In fact US research shows an incredible correlation between RCP and saturated Resistivity (see for more details). With Proceq’s new resistivity measurement has never been simpler or more reliable.  


The is a third generation device which incorporates a number of improvements to previous resistivity probes;

·         Automatic current and measurement methodology adjustment to ensure proper contact and quality data collection. Bad probe contact is indicated on the units graphic display

·         Two probe spacing available:

o   50mm- Usually used in Australia.

o   38mm- Spacing matches the ASHTO

o   Plus the variable spacing attachment

·         Internal memory can store hundreds of measurements and be reviewed on any PC with a USB port

·         Water tight casing will even float

The is a light weight rugged device perfect for any lab or field engineer. 

Keywords: Concrete Testing, Corrosion Testing, Non Destructive Testing