CARBON MONOXIDE Testing with EVERY Heater Service

CARBON MONOXIDE Testing with EVERY Heater Service from Craig's Gas & Plumbing

By: Craig's Gas & Plumbing  24-Jul-2015
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At Craig's Gas and Plumbing ALL our Plumbers carry Carbon Monoxide Readers. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that when inhaled prevents the blood from carrying oxygen and prevents the tissues from using oxygen effectively. Small amounts are not usually harmful, but poisoning occurs if levels of carbon monoxide in the blood become too high. Carbon monoxide disappears from the blood after several hours. Smoke from fires commonly contains carbon monoxide, particularly when combustion of fuels is incomplete. If improperly vented, automobiles, furnaces, hot water heaters, gas heaters, kerosene heaters, and stoves (including wood stoves and stoves with charcoal briquettes) can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Inhaling tobacco smoke produces carbon monoxide in the blood, but usually not enough to result in symptoms of poisoning. Prevention and Treatment To prevent poisoning indoor sources of combustion such as gas space heaters and wood stoves require proper installation and ventilation. If such ventilation is impractical, an open window can limit carbon monoxide accumulation by allowing it to escape from the building. Exhaust pipes attached to furnaces and other heating appliances need periodic inspections for cracks and leaks. Chemical detectors are available for the home that can sense carbon monoxide in the air and sound alarms when it is present. If carbon monoxide is suspected in a home, windows should be opened, and the home should be evacuated and evaluated for the source of the carbon monoxide. Constant monitoring with such detectors can identify carbon monoxide before poisoning develops. Like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are recommended for all homes. For mild poisoning, fresh air may be all that is needed. To treat more severe poisoning, high concentrations of oxygen are given, usually through a face mask. Oxygen hastens the disappearance of carbon monoxide from the blood and relieves symptoms. The value of high-pressure oxygen treatment (in a hyperbaric chamber) remains uncertain. '

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