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By: Atma Edwards  12-Dec-2012
Keywords: Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Counselling

Spiritual Direction and Contemplative Counseling With the combination of eastern ideas of mind and western studies of the human mind, skillful guidance, alert mindfulness, discernment and active listening one is drawn into the spaciousness of self awareness and healing. Through this open hearted and loving process one becomes aware of what is occurring, moment by moment. This process of mindful awareness embraces the very core essence of being and facilitates contemplative well-being and transformation. It is a skillful, gentle, natural and direct way of accessing wholeness, irrespective of the experience, as there is Omniscient support ever present. This is the way of being with truth and self. Just being, just the way it is. Experiencing freedom in the direct perception and the 'aha' moment with whatever is being revealed, in the spaciousness and safety of pure innate loving kindness. You come face to face with your Self. Through journeying with the experience, ongoing acceptance and revelation of what seemed hidden and inaccessible, becomes visible with non threatening, sky like open understanding. As a contemplative counselor, I offer you ways of looking at experiences outside of the usual suggestions and procedures to engage fundamentally in an aware experiential observed meditation. The contemplative approach to life, demands a daily call to surrender the underlying attitude of control moment by moment with awareness. A steadfast dependence is put on the support and love of Inner Self that transforms the experience through the innermost quietness of heart listening. Contemplative counseling is holistic transformational healing of body, mind and spirit. I offer my clients who come from diverse backgrounds who may be searching to resolve complex and intricate professional or personal confrontations the opportunity and aspiration to explore a deeper meaning and spiritual growth in their lives. This could be related to relationship or parenthood. Couples may seek contemplative counseling or coaching to assist in reconciling communicational blocks and developing more meaningful intimacy with their partners. Some of the concerns brought to contemplative counseling may be: Exploring, deepening and discovering meaning in religious or spiritual experiences Quality performance in employment Quality listening skills Finding a balance with business and personal life Exploring and being with bereavement, grief and loss Being mindful and compassionate and caring towards oneself and others Exploring the peace, strength, courage and freedom that can be found in death and serious illness Stress management Insomnia Anger Substance addictions Sexual abuse Long-term unemployment Loneliness, anxiety or depression Managing chronic physical pain Relationship challenges and family communication

Keywords: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Family Counselling, Grief Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Healing, Stress Counselling, Undertstanding

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