Life, Business and Personal Coaching in Melbourne, Australia-wide and Global using Skype

Life, Business and Personal Coaching in Melbourne, Australia-wide and Global using Skype from Atma Edwards

By: Atma Edwards  12-Dec-2012
Keywords: Personal Development, Life Coach, Career Coaching

How deeply would you like to realize your very own innate power and potential and to actualize your dreams? Whether you have goals on an executive or personal level, I can assist you in realizing even your most ambitious stretch goals. The result? The ability to live more fully, work more fully, easier than before. I have a stake in your growth as a human being. I am passionate and excited about coaching as it is a mutual relationship that assists you to identify and remove obstacles that restricts the demonstration of your full potential. Professional and personal accomplishment is enhanced through an integral view of what obstructs the highest capabilities of desired organizational outcomes and lasting, personal probabilities. I find it exhilarating as regular scheduled telephone coaching sessions are assisting executives from around the world to success without the high costs of travelling or being absent from the office. Coaching can also be carried out in your office or a place of your choice where you feel relaxed. Validated evaluation materials to assist you to discover your passions, goals and dreams and what phase of life you are in are utilized. I am flexible and accommodate your agenda. I envisage working with you to transform your organization into an inspired, dynamic forward-moving organization, achieving accomplished goal environments where your staff can make revolutionary shifts and do extremely well. This raises leadership qualities, teamwork, improves productivity and flexibility to demanding workplace challenges. Life and personal coaching is a powerful coaching alliance built and embedded in a solid relationship foundation of mutual trust and respect. As your Coach, I will support you to discover what you are most passionate about and committed to, by creatively pointing you to tap into your own innate wisdom. I can assist you with bringing together your passions, commitments and strengths into a compelling purpose for a strategic life plan. My guidance in coaching is a powerful element of support to you in your taking action towards purposeful, meaningful goals that pursue your passions and articulated goals and ambitions for a win-win situation and deepening awareness of your unique strengths and values. Coaching is designed to fit your requirements from where you are and where to want to be, by pinpointing your needs and enabling you to move forward positively and powerfully by closing the gap between your present and future vision. You will be challenged and supported as you explore new leadership perspectives. Coaching enhances achievement and fulfillment in a generally well-functioning person. Coaching provides leaders in their personal and professional lives with a set of courses to enable incorporation of crucial proficiencies into the role they are aiming towards. I work with you to comprehend your desires and assist you to move toward your objectives. In organizational structures, we implement a longer-term coaching relationship working towards your set intentions and goals. I invite you to ask yourself these simple questions as to whether you would benefit from utilizing the skills I have to offer as your coach: Are you energized by your work? Do you enjoy your work? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel appreciated for your work and do you want to accomplish more? Are you proud when you describe your work to others? Do you enjoy people you work with? Do you feel hopeful about your career future, or are you feeling stuck? Are you at a place of advancement and unsure about how to go about it?

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