Chinese Herbal Medicine

By: AruraMedic TCM  12-Jul-2011
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Chinese herbal medicine uses several hundred substances mostly of plant origin, consisting of roots, barks, twigs, seeds, flowers, fruits etc. Some mineral crystals, shell products and animal bones form part of the Chinese herbal pharmacopeia. The synergy created when these substances are taken in the form of a herbal formula creates the intended therapeutic effect. There are usually between 8 to 15 herbal substances within a formula. At AruraMedic TCM, herbal medicine is prescribed in the form of Chinese herbal granules. Granulated herbal formulas are prepared on-site in the dispensary and individually formulated to target a patient's unique health disorders. To achieve the intended results, herbal formulas are adjusted throughout the treatment course to suit and support the recovery stages.

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Cupping is done by placing glass cups on areas of the body after air had been drawned out by fire



Moxibustion involves applying heat to acupoints through burning of a moxa cone made from a special herbal medicinal plant called



Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine - effective remedies for gynaecological, emotional, chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.