Raising a Puppy Guide Dog!

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We decided as a family to raise a Puppy Guide Dog on behalf of Guide Dogs Victoria back in September 2011 and we received a beautiful little black 13 week old Labrador puppy called Varek. Thats when our journey started, so for the next 12 months we had to teach him the basics on how to become a Guide Dog. Initially we started to teach him basic commands such as sit, stay, wait, come. Then came the toilet training on command and from then on it was being able to expose him to all situations. He went on shopping centre tours, buses, trains, trams, the ferry to Queenscliff, parks, beaches, The Collingwood Animal Farm and basically everywhere we could take him we would. To become a Puppy Raiser can be quite challenging and also in knowing that we had to give him back at the end of his journey with us was sad, but yet very rewarding as we knew that in our heart he was going to be somebody else's eyes within the community and that he was. I would have to say that raising a Puppy Guide Dog was such a rewarding experience and it allowed myself and my family to except challenges in your life and to always show compassion to all animals. Varek you certainly did touch our hearts and we will always forever treasure our journey with you! We are so very proud of your efforts to finally become a successful Guide Dog...

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