Epoxy Primer - PRIME820

By: PYK Online Pty Ltd  14-Feb-2013
Keywords: Protective Coatings, Floor Coatings, Corrosion Protection

FORTIS PRIME820 is a two - component epoxy primer formulated to achieve maximum adhesion to porous, mineral and polymer substrates. This product exhibits both organic and inorganic reactivity, allowing the epoxy to chemically react with inorganic substrates, giving enhanced adhesion characteristics. When diluted FORTIS PRIME820 can be used as a protective sealer for concrete. USES: Priming concrete, ceramics, glass and timber. Epoxy floor coating COLOUR: Clear/Amber PACK SIZE: 5L kit FEATURES: Excellent substrate wetting characteristics. Extended pot life with relatively short film cure time. Chemically bonds to siliceous and most polar compounds. Cures well in humid and cold conditions. SURFACE PREPARATION: CONCRETE- 1. Contaminated surfaces should be cleaned with a suitable solvent to remove organic soil and rinsed with clean water 2. Captive abrasive blast for best results. 3. Alternatively, proceed as follows (a) Old concrete, where the surface has aged, should be planed or ground to remove the degraded layer. (b) New surfaces (minimum 21 days) should be well etched to remove surface laitance with suitable cleaner, or 10-15% hydrochloric acid solution (commercial hydrochloric acid is supplied at 33%). Properly prepared surfaces should be similar in texture to 80grit sandpaper. 4. Thoroughly wash with clean water to remove reaction by-products and scrub to remove loosened materials. Water – Blasting 5. Allow surfaces to dry. CERAMICS AND GLASS- 1. Clean contaminated surface with a suitable solvent and wash off residue with clean water. 2. Etch glass or glazed ceramics using either 10% hydrofluoric acid or light sandblasting to produce a matted gloss-free surface. PREVIOUSLY COATED SURFACES- Remove contaminants by using appropriate cleaners before sanding to provide a keyed surface. Selection of cleaner depends on nature of contaminants, and could include solvent, sugar soap, industrial detergents or cleaners, alkaline cleaners or solvents. APPLICATION: Thoroughly mix Part A and Part B. Apply to dry substrates, using a short nap roller, wetting out the surface thoroughly and ensuring a continuous film is formed. Porous substrates may require several wet on wet applications with the first coat thinned up to 20% with suitable epoxy thinning solvent to aid penetration. TECHNICAL DATA: 2 component: Thoroughly mix in the ratio of: 4 parts Part A to 1 part, Part B by Volume 4.55 parts Part A to 1 part, Part B by Weight Coverage Rate: 6m²/L at 150 microns Dry Time @ 20oC: 6-8 hours Recoat Time: 8 - 48 hours Shelf Life: One year in closed container. CAUTION: The cure of epoxy products can be affected by moisture, which reacts with the Part B to give a surface "bloom". This blooming can give a permanent loss of gloss, less than normal chemical and physical resistance at the surface, and affect inter-coat adhesion if over-coated. Take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk of water, moisture, or excessive humidity exposure during the cure period (which may be several days in cold temperatures). SAFETY DATA: Wear protective clothing. Gloves are essential. Avoid contact with exposed skin. Before commencing work, apply barrier cream.

Keywords: Coatings - Protective, Concrete Coating, Corrosion Protection, Floor Coatings, Protective Coatings, Wood Sealants

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