Inventory Management and Forecasting System (IMFS)

By: Calcul8ors Pty Ltd  05-Apr-2013
Keywords: Spreadsheet Design, Database Applications, Database Designs

This application illustrates the advanced capabilities of MS Excel ® in producing complete stand alone type applications custom designed for just about any business task imaginable. The aim of this project was to create a forecast based on actual historical sales, and automatically create order quantities per SKU based on that forecast, and taking into account factors such as purchasing/selling units of measure, vendor minimum quantity requirements, supply lead times and preferred review frequency. So, far from being a one-dimensional line by column grid which can only provide the most basic overview and analysis, this application takes inputs from many sources and of many kinds, interprets them and produces calculations and reports that extrapolate into the future to ensure best practice in Inventory Management. Once produced, the forecast can be extracted and amended as part of an organisation's Sales & Operations Planning process, and the modified forecast fed back into the system to produce adjusted order quantities accordingly. Apart from being quicker and more efficient, the system is also consistent and accurate because it adheres to a standard set of rules. A six part instructional video can be seen at the following link, showing the system in action:

Keywords: Advanced Database Services, Advanced Spreadsheet Services, Database Applications, Database Designs, Spreadsheet Design,