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By: Argo Computing Services Pty Ltd  11-Apr-2011

Argo On-line Job Applications - is a service that we offer to local and overseas clients to help them with streamlining of their HR processes.
The position you are hiring for is unique, why the application should be generic?
Our clients come to us because they need to streamline the short listing of candidate who responded to their job advertisements published on the Internet. Very often these are generic job applications only collecting on-line a limited set of attributes (e.g. First Name, Surname, Email address, etc.). In such situation the majorities of information required to short list and choose the best candidates will be received in unstructured format. It is not unusual for the HR personnel to receive between 200 and 300 resumes and cover letters addressing selection criteria of a given role. It will take many hours of experienced HR personnel time to go through all the information spread over that many separate files to combine them into some kind of structured format and analyse it.
Our service helps our clients to get all the information they need in a structured form for easy analysis, short listing, selection and reporting.
The service includes:
  • Data Capture Tool Development. We’ll work with you and designs a web enabled data entry forms and publish them on-line
  • WEB Hosting. We’ll host the application on-line for an agreed period to allow the potential supplies to submit their bids.
  • Delivery of the Result Data Set. Once the information from the applicants is collected we’ll take the form off line and send you the result data set for your analysis and final selection of the best candidate.

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