counselling, reiki, intuitive healing, sound therapy, meditation

By: Activating Change  12-Mar-2014
Keywords: Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing

In your session, Jenny will utilize different methods and techniques intuitively as well as her counselling skills to assist you to empower, transform and believe in yourself. You will usually be asked to chat about what issue or issues you are wanting assistance healing and then you will intuitively choose a selection from the Aura Soma Colour therapy bottles. This gives you a greater understanding of the present situation on all levels. Most healings involve energetic healing incorporating the healing energies of Aura Soma and Jenny's unique Angelic Healing Tones or Sound Therapy. You will lie on the healing table and receive healing energy (Reiki) to assist you in balancing and rejuvenating your body, while being able to release and realign your mental thought processes. Emotional transformation and healing is part of this deeply energetic experience. You will also be able to experience for yourself a deep sense of peace and relaxation necessary to de-stress and uplift your energies.

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