e-Procurement Solutions Information Session

e-Procurement Solutions Information Session from TenderSearch

By: TenderSearch  16-Aug-2016
Keywords: Procurement, Tenders, Bid Management

Electronic procurement, or eProcurement as it is commonly referred to, is widely regarded as one of the most efficient tools available in managing procurement processes on the market today. Listing opportunities on a dedicated procurement web site (eProcurement Portal or Hub) provides potential suppliers with direct access to your Tenders, Request For Quotations, Expressions Of Interest etc. Access on line to the associated documentation avoids time consuming requests to you for documents, the need to manually maintain a supplier register and to email, or worse, post out tender documentation through the mail. Our eProcurement solution can efficiently manage technical questions put forward by suppliers and the subsequent dissemination of responses, as well as any addendums that may need to be issued during the course of the process, reducing the administrative burden and associated costs. All of this while ensuring probity within your process. Our integrated evaluation module is the most comprehensive and powerful evaluation tool in Australia, which will allow organisations to do away with Spreadsheets and replace with user generated on-line libraries for Tender evaluations. Supplier responses can be evaluated individually by allocated evaluators within (or outside of) your organisation, or around the table as required. Individual calculations for pricing can be included providing comprehensive reporting on scoring of submissions, improving productivity and probity with your evaluation processes and providing a great base for subsequent debriefing for unsuccessful suppliers.

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