Hearing Protection

By: Alpha Hearing  04-Dec-2015
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We offer a complete range of customised hearing protection, made using impressions of your own ears – so they are exactly the right shape for each ear. They follow the contours of the ear canal and provide a greater degree of hearing protection along with higher levels of comfort. Musicians earplugs are designed to replicate the natural response of the open ear. Sound heard with these earplugs has the same quality as the original, only quieter. They are made with a hollow core, capped with an acoustic filter which is able to deliver clearer sound quality. It does this by allowing more high frequency sounds through the filter, compared to standard earplugs. Musicians earplugs can be ordered with different ratings (levels of attenuation) to suit the listening environment. Popular with music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, dentists and dental workers. Noise blocking earplugs protect your hearing from excessive noise. Designed to be worn when working or playing in loud noise environments, they are a popular choice with shooters and people regularly exposed to industrial noise. Available in silicone material and a range of colours. Swim earplugs keep water out of your ears in a safe and easy way. Great for swimmers, surfers, children with grommets or who suffer ear infections, and people with perforated eardrums. Available in silicone material and a range of colours with floating or non-floating varieties.

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